Oh, the summertime is a joyous time to get out and do things. I count down every year for summer. I am not sure if it is because I am a teacher, or it is my busy season as a real estate agent. Either way, it is an explosion in my head of all of the fun I am looking forward to. I have a mental checklist going:

  • Got the vacation booked?
  • Got a swimsuit that fits this year?
  • Is the house power washed?
  • Cleaned the windows?
  • Our gutters are flowing correctly?
  • Got the garden done?
  • Need to add some grass seed?
  • What flowers to plant this year?
  • Summer flag out (the ones inviting people for crabs)?
  • Cookout lineup set?
  • Plans for July 4th?
  • What am I going to cook?
  • With limited time off from teaching, what are my projects?
  • Do I have what I need for a vacation?
  • Car in good working condition?
  • What weeks for grandkids?

See why I said my head exploded. It is a good explosion. All of these things I look forward to doing. It is just trying to get it all done so I can check it off my list. We all have our ideas on what we need to do each season, but summer is my favorite season, so the list goes on.

What is your favorite season? How is your list?