I feel like I am a slacker. It has been a bit since I put anything in my blog. If you know me, you know I talk and think all the time. Why am I not writing? I cannot seem to find an answer to that question. In the meantime, I thought I would explain a little about this sunflower.

About 6 weeks ago I received a packet of 12 ft sunflower seeds. I took thoughtful consideration to plant them where they would get plenty of sun-love and rain. I planted them in 2 rows of 10. I have been waiting to watch the beauties grow. What I did not plan on is the birds deciding to rearrange my plans. My 2 rows of 10 have been dropped in random places throughout my yard. Are they telling me something? Now I find myself walking over my acre of land in the hunt for upcoming sunflowers. I have located 7 of the 20 seeds. I see sunflowers now along my sidewalk, under my weeping willow, behind my jack rabbit statue, and outside the garden. I believe the birds wanted me to see the beauty all over rather than in 2 single rows. I wonder if this was a thank you for having so many bird feeders out and nesting places. Next year, I will place the seeds on a plate in the yard and let the birds put the seeds where they belong.

What I learned from this experience is sometimes our good intention are not as good as we think. Sometimes it takes cardinals, yellow finches, and bluebirds to show you how. This circles me back to my slacking. I want to share news and updates on my website. I tend to get more caught up in the daily conversations with others. Like with the birds, I see something is out of place and I rectify it. I will be better. Sharing is caring. I care to share when I know I can be helpful. Like the sunflower, growth is important. I will be caring weekly again and sharing. For now, I will take a walk to see if I can locate another sunflower.