My favorite time of year is Spring. It brings more sunshine. I feel like a bear coming out of a cave when spring hits us. Everything is new, fresh, and coming alive after a long winter. My mind begins racing from the excitement of what to do next.

The yard is usually my first thought. It is more than the “yard”. It is the appearance and what is needed to bring everything back to life. I have made most of my yard perennials which has helped with time management. I do buy a few annuals for deck boxes and planters. I love hanging ferns also. I love the look of a tropical oasis. Of course, there is more to the yard than beautification. I need mulch, tree food, weeding – lots of it, and cleaning up any leftover leaves and branches.

The icing on the cake is the garden. Nothing tastes better to me than eating fresh fruit and vegetables I have grown myself. I often start with seeds in late March. I plant in the house and on nice days I will put them outside for some sun and warmth. Watching the seeds develop into plants is such a good feeling. I talk to them, water, and encourage growth with love. Once the frost is past us, I transplant it into the ground or container on the deck.

This spring, I decided to take on strawberries. Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits. We have tried them in the yard several years ago, but It never amounted to much. I grow a lot on my deck so decided to think strawberries on the deck. My daughter sent me an image of strawberry plants grown in a laundry basket. What a great idea!! I started looking into it and decided to save my baskets and use milk crates. It was easier than I thought. I had 8 strawberry plants and 2 milk crates. I used landscape fabric and potting soil from the garden. I am only growing in the top crate (using the bottom to keep off the ground). I was able to cut a piece of fabric and line the crate. From there I added the soil and put the plants through the sides as I added more dirt. I topped it off with a couple of plants at the top. They are growing well. I check on them daily and have noticed the plants have doubled in size. It is perfect! Love the small space it needs and easy to keep critters away. I hope to be enjoying my own strawberries this month.