With most of us still working from home these days, we need a workspace to look forward to. Do you prefer to see a desk cluttered in dirty mugs and papers all over or do you want to feel joy when you see your desk? There are some simple tricks to sparking some Maria Kondo joy. It starts with the area on your desk (or whatever you are using)

• First, put only what you need on your desk for your tasks that day. Everything else should be someplace else. Load the old coffee cups in the dishwasher. Any extra paperwork put where it belongs. Your desktop should have only what is necessary with items you are currently needing on that day. Keep a bin accessible to your desk to put your overflow items in.

• Second, play I SPY around your house. Find something you automatically smile when you see it. It might be a picture, an item, a plant, a shell, or something else. Make sure you can see it from your workspace.

• Third, make sure you set your boundaries. With limited space, your office may be in a room used for other things. Can you close up your work area when you are finished? If not, find a way to detach from the space. You don’t want to look at the area when you are not scheduled to be working. It isn’t as easy as going to a job site and leaving each day, so you have to be creative. Find a way to step away at the end of the day. Turn your phone off, if you can. If not, set it to “do not disturb” so you don’t hear the calls.

One last thing you might want to consider is time management. Set a block of time for your administrative duties, a time for specific duties, a time for calls, a time for emails, etc. If you can block off your time for completing specific things you are more apt to stay on track.