Do we really need a groundhog to tell us if it will stay cold or be warming up? I thought we had weather people for that. Looking back at the statistics both the groundhog and the weather people have been way off with their predictions. How many people use an app for the weather? There are many great apps for your phone or tablet. I, personally, use the app. This way I can see the weather when I need to, and it is no less reliable than watching it on the news. This also keeps me away from watching the news all the time.

How many still trust Phil to deliver their fate? Is the weather person on TV telling more jokes than explaining what is happening and why? If Phil could talk, what do you think he would really tell us? Pretty sure some adult language would come out for pulling him out of his warm winter hole. From there he would probably question our sanity for trusting him with the weather. It is fun to play along with the game, but do we really need things to dictate our future?