We all need some time off. What is not to like about disconnecting from your daily routine and obligations? Yet there are many people who do not take the time.

When I think about all the professions out there, I can’t think of a single reason to not take a break except the people who are not given vacation time. Some employers do not offer vacation time. I happen to have 2 jobs and neither offer vacation time with pay to me. I am contracted with both jobs. I can understand why people who do not receive paid time off chose not to fight the struggle of taking time without pay. In our world, going without pay can set you back a couple of weeks which in the long run means more work after the time off. This is not appealing. I remember taking a day or two here and there and making the best of the day off. Taking a day did not make or break me, but it took creativity on my part. Now working 2 full-time jobs I can take a few weeks a year and several long weekends. Mentally it made a huge impact for the better.

For those who get the vacation time and do not take it. I am not sure I understand why. With some employers, you can carry it over. For some, you do not use it you will lose it. Is it no coverage at work while you are out? Do not want to come back to a mountain of work? Hard to disconnect from the job? Those would be the cons on the list. What would the pros be? I can think of several:

· Disconnection from your job

· Mental recovery from job

· The realization the world will still turn

· Time with family and friends

· Seeing someplace new

· Learning and trying something new

· Getting one with nature

· Refreshing your mind

· Getting more rest

· Improved physical health. Stress can contribute to heart disease and high blood pressure

· Improved mental health

· Greater well-being

· Increased mental motivation

· Improved family relationships

· Decreased burnout

· Boosted happiness

· You will reset your focus – MY FAV!

This list is just the tip of it. I could probably come up with a 2–3-page list of why. The vacation can be a staycation if you do nothing routine. This includes no work calls, emails, or planning. Pretend you are visiting another country. If you were in France, you would eat French food so do that. Dress up and try a new French restaurant. Watch a French movie. Speak the language a bit. Yes, it takes some thinking and planning, but so does a vacation. It is an adventure and if you are open to having an adventure, I do not think you will regret it.