A lot runs through my mind when I hear back to school. The excitement I felt as school approached, the new clothes I had for my first day, and seeing all my friends again. As I moved up through my school career the enthusiasm seemed to dissipate a bit but catching up with friends remained.

As a mom, it was a different feeling. I started to miss the “off-schedule” we were embracing over the summer. It limited the amount of traveling we could do. I was also a little more realization my kids were growing up. Do not get me wrong – I did the happy dance when I saw the bus! As a teacher, I realized my summer ended with my kids.

Being a grandparent adds another dimension. I am now super excited to watch the grandkids venture off into the new school year. I remember the years when I was their age and re-enjoy it through their eyes. Sporting their new shoes and bookbags and welcoming all their new friends in their class. The smell of a freshly opened box of crayons takes me back to bliss!

Aside from attending school, there are other reasons you might want to think of back to school. Did you know it is the perfect time to purchase a computer? August is usually the best time to buy a new laptop or desktop computer. Over the years this was the time we would shop for Christmas presents in addition to stocking up on school supplies.