When we bought our home 25 years ago, I did not realize everyone should have an agent. We called the number on the sign out front of the house we wanted. I don’t think most people realize the benefits of getting an agent. I know I certainly did not. We used the agent who listed the house. He did tell us he represented the sellers – I think that went in on-ear and out the next. We just wanted the house. We didn’t think about representation. Eventually, he had someone in his office work with us at the end stages. We had contact with one other agent before reaching out to the agent selling this house. He showed us a house, but then we didn’t do anything else through him. He was a really nice man, but we didn’t know how it all worked. Funny how life turns out. I now work with him 25+ years later.

After getting my license I had an awakening. Agents work for free, basically. They don’t get paid until a deal is completed. The person paying the agent is on the seller’s side. Buyers do not put anything out of pocket unless they find something they want to purchase. The brokerage usually charges a fee to the buyer (a few hundred dollars). This covers all of the legal protections, paperwork, etc. of the transaction – a bargain if you ask me! Having an agent means you have someone looking out for you. If they are a good agent, they negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible deal. They will have your back from the start through the finish and educate you as you go along. They are YOUR protection and represented by a firm that has a legal team to make sure you get exactly what you are paying for. Once you sign a buyer’s agreement with an agent, they are officially your agent. You should not be reaching out to other agents asking about properties. You have an agent to do all of that for you. We do the leg work, searching, and phone calls to find places to show you. If something pops up on your phone you want to see that we haven’t mentioned, just let us know. We are happy to add it to the list or explain why it might not be a good fit.

If you have a great agent, please do not keep it a secret. Share the agent with your friends and family. The agent will be delighted to continue working on your referral. This is how we get most of our business. If you are not happy with your agent, have a discussion with them and explain what you don’t like. It is possible, they misunderstood what you were needing or searching for. If nothing changes, you can release your agent. It isn’t difficult to do, just send them an email letting them know. It may take a few days to get released. So, make sure you select an agent you trust before starting your new home search. You won’t be sorry.