Ever wonder why the blower doesn’t work in the springtime? Power goes out and you try the generator and it won’t start? What about the weed whacker? I am not sure why it has taken me so long to realize this, but I finally “woke” to the reason. It is something simple, but never done, at least not in my house. Apparently, at the end of the season, you are supposed to empty all of the gas out of the gas-fired lawn tools and generator (not that there is a season for generators). Hmm, I never knew that. Do you know who does know that? My husband! For some reason, he never does it though. He used to but stopped. I could not tell you when he stopped, but if I pulled out receipts for new blowers, chain saws, etc. I probably could. I eventually converted everything I use to battery power. I know I can depend on batteries if I remember to charge it.

So, what changes in a person to stop doing the necessary maintenance? I remember my uncle had a chalkboard in his garage to remind him when and what to maintenance. He is the person I know to be that organized. I have spoken to others about this and their better half also neglects the maintenance. Understand, I am not complaining. This man would walk through fire for me and I love him more than words can say. It is more of a wonder. I wonder why something so simply can fall by the waist side knowing you will have a bigger issue from it later. I watch him in the spring fighting with his chain saw to start. He takes it all apart and something needs replacing, has to order, wait for the shipment, and put it all back together before he can use it. Of course, he needed to use it on the day he took it out and it would not start.

The list could go on for days as to what needs maintenance, but without some kind of organization how does it get done? As a homeowner, we power wash the house every spring, till the garden, turn the compost, cut the grass, change the filters, and clean the windows. Most of the time they just come to mind as you need and see it. Everything we own needs maintenance. I think a good place to start is with a seasonal item list. If we created a list for the beginning of spring and the end of fall, I think we would be covered. Is this why condos are so appealing? Don’t we have enough to do already? I think I will come up with a reward system for my house. Create a list and when I check it off, I reward myself with a new item to maintain.