We made it! A year and a half after Covid began, life is feeling like it is back to normal, well, a new normal. What have you learned during the past 18 months? Have you changed anything in your life? I feel like I improved my quality of life. I feel sad thinking about the millions who lost their lives and the families they left behind.

I feel more connected to people. I do not take people for granted. I notice I pay more attention to relationships and all of God’s creatures around me. Life has been re-granted to us. We now know there are terrible things within our reach, and I refuse to give into thinking about what could have been or what about the next time. We need to treasure what we were given and make the best of it. This is a time to evaluate your life, what works, what doesn’t, and figure out how to be a better person (not saying we aren’t now…but always room for improvement J)

Some of the physical changes I have made during this time are increasing the number of bird feeders and hummingbird feeders around my house. To see the nature surrounding me and contribute to their well-being makes me happy. I have also made my home feel even more like a home by decorating it to fit me better. It really feels like a relaxing place to be. I welcome anyone who would like to come to sit and visit with me.

I have also noticed emotional changes within myself over the past 18 months. I am a crier, but sometimes the tears aren’t there. I think all the emotions, the hatred on television, the violence we have seen had dried the tears but left a whole in my heart. God wants us to be one…as a family, and what we have seen isn’t what I believe we are supposed to be. I will continue to be positive for myself and everyone else. We should be taking it one day at a time and appreciating our loved ones. I do not want to waste one more minute thinking about something

I cannot control or someone I cannot control. We all grow at different rates and times. Hopefully, most of us see the sunlight ahead and not take anything or anyone for granted. For those who do not, instead of avoiding or ridiculing, let us help them to see the light. Life is too short and love it too plentiful not to share.