Father’s Day means different things to different people. Some celebrate with a cookout and a new tie. Others may not celebrate because their father has passed away or they did not have a good relationship with him.

This year celebrates the 100th anniversary of Father’s Day. It began in Spokane Washington when a daughter wanted to honor her father, a single father raising 6 children. Mother’s Day was already on the calendar and she wanted the same recognition for her civil war veteran father. What a wonderful tribute she started. Mother’s Day was started about 15 years prior.

I think Father’s Day is about appreciating the man who was active and involved in who you have become. It could be your father, an uncle, stepfather, or a family friend. It is about showing appreciation for how they have impacted your life. Whether it is a card, a note of appreciation, a tie, or a cookout. It is always nice to hear why you made a positive impact in someone’s life.