Why is NOW a good time to sell?

While the housing market generally slows down during the holiday season and winter weather, buyers are still looking all the time.

  • Based on the past few years your house has gained more value. In some areas, the value has increased by over 20% which will leave you more money at the settlement table.
  • Buyers tend to prefer the spring and summer to shop, but there are some serious buyers out there looking all the time. They are motivated and ready to buy.
  • During the winter months, there is a lot less competition out there for your house. Inventory has been at a low for a couple of years now. Sellers face less competition with buyers. If your home is in great shape and shows well it will certainly stand out to buyers.
  • An easy fix for a winter sale is to make your house appear very cozy and warm. Make sure your thermostat isn’t set to 65! Replace some of your light bulbs with warm lights and if you have a fireplace use it for showings. You can bake a batch of fresh cookies or warm a pie in the oven. The good smell will remain with the potential buyers as they consider your home to make an offer.