Ever walk into someone’s home and feel like you could stay there for any length of time? You could sit down and relax? I think this is the difference between a house and a home. A home gives you a warm, relaxing feeling when you are inside. A house doesn’t give those same feelings.

You might ask “what is the difference?”. I believe the difference is filling it from your heart rather than your head. When you try to create your space with pictures you see on television or from a magazine you are designing someone else’s creation. You can use some of the ideas to start it, but you have to put your own spin on it to make it yours. This is the difference. Your home should be a place, which you look forward to being at. Perhaps you like a certain sofa or chair – add it in.

My artwork is framed and matted pictures my children made me when they were younger. We also have the caricatures they did at amusement parks. This brings a smile when I look at them. It is all from the heart. Yes, we keep the house as clean as we can with lots of pets, adult kids, and grandkids, but remember life happens has to be in the mix. We have baskets to put overflow in and a few messy draws over filled in the kitchen, but you know what? We are happy and comfy in our home.

You do not need to make a lot of changes or even spend money. Start with one room. Make sure you add something you love to the room. See how you feel. If it feels good, build on it. If it doesn’t, put it back in the closet or another room and keep trying. It is what you make of it. Don’t let someone else create your world. Your home should tell your story – trust your gut and your heart <3