Has it ever crossed your mind to buy your parent’s house? I seriously considered purchasing my grandparents’ house. Thankfully, my Grandpop talked me out of it! There is a lot to consider. You want to really take a hard, honest look at it before making a move.

If you decide to move forward with purchasing your parents’ house, make sure you are prepared for a few things beginning with your emotions. Our hearts tend to leap a little faster into things than our heads would. Make sure your head is in this as much as your heart even if you have negotiated a good deal.

Get a home inspection. You may have seen some of the repairs happening in the house as years progressed, but often as we get older a few things tend to get neglected. You probably will not go back to your parents to have anything repaired at their expense. This gives you a good idea of what you will need to fix moving forward.

Are you planning on remodeling the house? Some are preserved time capsules the family might not want to be changed. Even though it will be your home, you might want to discuss some of the changes prior to purchasing just to soften the blow of change.

You will probably be helping your parents pack and move out. Set the closing date along with the move-out process and do not waiver from it. It is hard to leave a place after many decades not to mention the amount of stuff collected over the years. If there are certain pieces, they will not be able to move with them discuss giving to other family members or even selling. This should help reduce the amount left behind.

Keep your head clear and be mindful of your family relationships. A house is not worth coming between a family. Discussing the process and creating timelines will help keep everyone on the same page. At the end of the day, whether you do not make any changes, or you completely redesign the house, it is your home now. Make the most of it and enjoy your purchase.