Can you imagine building your home from scratch? If you were to do so, you would probably handle a contractor. Contractors specialize in organizing and scheduling everything to do with the project of building a home. They understand “time is of the essence” when having the electrician come in before the drywall is completely installed. They know how to handle difficulties in such a project. We often think we can handle it all, but there are times when we need a manager. As a Senior Specialist in Real Estate, you may want to consider a Move Manager for a senior trying to sell their home and move into another place. A Move Manager can handle a long list of details to help seniors transition smoothly while giving the emotional support needed. Some of the services they provide are:

• Assist in downsizing and sorting
• Create a new floor plan for the new space
• Can help work with a family member to ensure the safety of family heirlooms
• Arrange to sell, auction, consign or host estate sale items to bring in extra money for the client
• Organizing the packing, moving, and unboxing
• Arrange furniture to best suit the client
• Technical support for computers, tv, etc.
• Virtually meet (or in-person) with the adult children of the client
• Handling the change of address
• Shutting off and turning on utilities
• Arranging the transportation to the new home
• Many other unique moving situations

A Move Manager will be respectful, have empathy, patience, be diplomatic, organized, prioritize move over the sale, and be flexible and accommodating.

If this is something you are considering plan to do some homework. When trusting someone with your loved one, you will want recommendations and references. You can check with a professional move management organization and ask for a move manager. Make sure you interview them to be sure they are the right fit for your family. You can also request a list from local senior living facilities and social service agencies. Just make sure you get a list of their services, how they charge, ask if services are outsourced. Please make sure they are accredited by NASMM or CRTS. Always check their ratings and reviews.

A few good websites to get you started are:

National Association of Senior Move Mangers
Certified Relocation & Transition Specialists

Good luck!