Such a short word for such a powerfully strong word. Hope, this is what we all need to move forward. I cannot imagine not having it. Hope is what gets us through a difficult or stagnate time. Hope is the glimmer of light we see at the end of a long road ahead. Hope reminds us we can make it – just keep on keeping on.

Imagine a world without hope? It is a dark and scary place. Where do we lay our dreams? How will we ever know we can make them come true? What will remind us we can do it? I hope for peace, in our nation, and around the world. I hope we all become protected from the COVID-19 virus. I hope we lose not a single person more in our world to this virus. I hope the lost loved ones help comfort those left behind. I hope we all recognize we are brothers and sisters in this world and unite as a family for the better of humankind. I hope genocide will never happen again. I hope instead of wars we have peace talks and more compassion with one another. I hope every human has a chance to see their dreams come true. I hope kindness replaces hatred. I hope when we are safe from COVID people to begin hugging again. I have a lot of hope, probably enough for at least a few dozen people.

Hope is measurable by what we do with it. We can measure our accomplishments and our setbacks. Much like goals, hope keeps us on the path we need to be to attain our dreams. I hope you have enjoyed this blog.