Nothing has made life more challenging than COVID-19. We are working from home, kids are learning from home, and we limit our outside contract to a minimum. If you need a new driver’s license, you have to make an appointment online. To see a doctor, you make the appointment and call from your car. I am not sure if this is our new normal or the transition in-between COVID. Either way, we have made a lot of adaptations and have been most successful with it. In Real Estate, we have also made some changes. Open Houses still happen but are less frequent. Sharing car rides have ceased but meeting at the location has soared. We also schedule showings with larger windows of time to keep too many people from being inside the same place in a short period of time. We have more showings with the owner remaining in the home. Everything still works it is just a little different.

If you are searching for a new home to move to, you are probably using a few different apps to locate. The apps are great for an overview but are not as reliable as the information an agent can get you. We have access to the MLS which shows “coming soon” and updates when a house is “under contract” or “pending”. The MLS is the most reliable place to get your information. An agent can save a search and set it up via email. You will be emailed daily (or how often you would like to) with any updated listings which match your criteria. Zillow and Homesnap can be a nice tool, you just want to be sure it is accurate and updated.