As we enter the fall season, I am reminded I am not a crafty person. I love to see people’s decorations embrace the fall theme. Pumpkins are easy to buy and carve but are just one aspect of fall. I especially love all of the colors put into centerpieces and outside people’s front doors.


Fall is a time to remember winter is coming also. We need to prepare our homes for the change in temperatures. There are a few important things a homeowner should do to prepare for winter.


· Clean your gutters – overflowing gutters create erosion, can bring water into the house, and hold moisture on your roof

· Drain your spickets and disconnect your hoses – pipes freeze and burst and hoses crack and leak when frozen

· Bring in any plant which won’t survive winter and any furniture/cushions

· Check your doors, windows, and even attics for drafts – if you can feel air moving it is time to fix. You might just need more weatherstripping or plastic. This can save money on your utilities

· Change your house filter (should be done monthly), your smoke alarm battery, and vacuum your air intake (the big vent that sucks air rather than blowing it)

· Make sure your generator and slow blower are properly working

· Keep some fresh batteries for flashlights around

· Pick up some salt or kitty litter in case of snow or ice

· Put a blanket, ice scraper, and a shovel in your car – you never know when you will get stuck in the snow

· This is the time to fertilize your lawn to keep it protected from the harsh weather

· Last, but not least, take down your hummingbird feeders if you haven’t already. Hummingbirds need to fly south for the winter. If you are feeding them, you may be keeping them from their travels

· As the leaves fall, keep any drains clear of leaves to prevent flooding

· When you are cleaning out the pumpkin you can bury the seeds – next summer you will have your own pumpkin patch


I hope this list helps you to prepare your home for a wonderful season. Stay safe out there 🙂