What does this even mean? What if there is no “curb”? What if it is a condo? I feel like it reminds me of when you meet someone for the first time. Can we change it to “the first impression”? I am not usually bothered by words, but “curb appeal” just does not sit well in my mind.

First impressions seem like a more open conversation piece. When looking at a new (or old) place my first impressions are usually a good match for how the place feels for me. I think if you can see a place with an open mind, you can take a lot from first impressions. Think about the people you have met in your life. How was your first impression of them? What was your first impression of your job? It may not be what you have been looking for, but it does not make it a bad thing. Keeping the possibilities open if the feeling is right. I think this is how you listen to your gut.

Imagine pulling up to a place you are going to see. From the outside, it looks small and unkempt. Do you keep on going or park and go inside? I have seen so many people make up their minds based on their first sight. I am not opposed to it; however, I need more to make up my mind. Think about it this way. Let’s say this same house was owned by someone who has been ill and not able to keep up with the outside? Maybe this person keeps an immaculate house inside and hires reputable service people to keep it up to date inside? If you drive past the house without stopping, you will never know. First impressions need to have a little more depth than an outside appearance. As there is an old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. The phrase covers most of life. Be open to seeing just a little more before deciding. You may just be pleasantly surprised.