We are fresh again! A fresh new year to explore all the possibilities and opportunities out there. I love this time of the year. It is a reset for our lives. A year seems like a long time to pass, but as we age, we realize it goes by like the wind. At 54, I realize I have lived more than half my life. A year is a serious amount of time.

I like to begin my year reflecting on the year past. What did I do which I loved and what didn’t work out so great. I am not a resolution person as I know for myself it tends to fall by the wayside. Instead, I prefer to take steps leading me in the right direction for my life.

In 2021, I met many great people. I was able to help several families find their new home and a few transitions from one home to another. I truly felt honored helping them through the process. I try to always stay open to new ideas and ways. I had a bit of training early in the year to help remind me what was important. The bottom line was never on my list.

I realize I am in sales, but I am not a salesperson. I can’t stand behind anything I do not believe in. I do believe in Long and Foster. They have supported me through all of my education and training. Becoming a Senior Real Estate Specialist a few years ago was the best decision I could have made. It connected me to a place near and dear to my heart. It was a full circle for me. Long and Foster has made the process of buying and selling much easier for clients as they have partnered with many great companies to make for a smooth transaction. We all need things running smoothly from time to time especially when we are making a life-changing decision.

What I need to work on in 2022 is more time. I am not sure how to get more than 24 hours in a day but will make sure I make every moment count. I am in this for the duration and hope to never leave anyone feeling like I didn’t spend enough time with them. If I do, please call me out on it as it is never my intention.

Let us make 2022 a time to appreciate everyone and everything we have in our lives. We never know for how long it or they will be there. A year of no regrets!