I remember being told to eat my veggies because my body needed them to grow up big and strong. After I crossed over the 50 mark, I wondered what all of those veggies really did for me. I am thinking it pointed me in the direction of at least thinking about my health down the road. Who would ever think about being 50 when they are 8 unless they were told to do so? I am glad I ate my veggies. I think it showed me I needed to do things well for my body.

What we need to do to take care of ourselves varies with age and how well we have done up to that point. I believe you have to take a positive approach to get positive results.

• Physical Exercise – yes, move it or lose it. You have to do something to get your heart rate up. You need to use your muscles to keep them flexible and lengthened. If I could get a wish granted It would be I didn’t have to worry about exercising, but I have not met the genie yet!
• Having a choice and remaining independent – I am not at the point yet when my kids will be trying to take my car keys, but I know I am not too far off. I believe if you want to remain independent for as long as you can it is important to start doing things to help keep you independent. Exercise, eat right, see your doctors and follow their advice. Have something to do with your time. Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back. Join a senior center and attend events. Stay connected with the community.
• Social Interactions. We need this! Purposefully make a phone call, set up a lunch date, plan a trip, or invite people over. We need human interaction to thrive. Joining a group, like mentioned above, or having a walking buddy to talk to can help to keep your aging in a positive direction.

Any and all of these suggestions can only lead you in a positive direction. Keep smiling, keep talking, and most of all, eat your veggies 